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Chip Tuning and modified files

Call for Price


We sell modified (tuning) files for various engine control units (ECU) in bin format and in formats Optican and Byteshooter (pak and tun).
It is possible to disable EGR, DPF (FAP), Lambda probe, etc.

The price of the modified file is $ 70-100.

The price depends on the type of ECU. The price is sent on request where it is necessary to indicate the ECU number, engine, brand and year of manufacture.

We do not sell firmware from the "junk archive from Ebay". All modifications are made in your original file.
This ensures correct operation of the modified file.

You can purchase both the firmware itself and the already ready-to-install microchip. Actual for the ECU with an external memory chip.

We are glad to cooperate with the services involved in car repair and tuning and can offer special prices and discounts. All buyers can count on full technical support.

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